Commercial & Contract Disputes

Keeping our, and holding others to their, word

Contract Interpretation

Ensuring fairness and honest performance

Have you ever entered into an agreement that wasn't drafted by a lawyer? Maybe it was ambiguous, maybe it is scattered across e-mails, text messages, and a comment made at the handshake. Or, maybe, it's just not clear what you were supposed to do.

A contract review and interpretation based on a specific point can prevent headaches down the road. They are often inexpensive, rarely require full litigation, and may even be a branching point for further negotiation and resolution

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when dealing with breached contracts.

Breach Litigation

Recovering losses and rectifying injuries

Even when the deal is broken, it is important to start from the point of knowing that you had a deal in the first place. If there was a meeting of the minds once, you may not need a judge to make a decision as much as you need to know where the deal went wrong and how to fix that aspect.

Good counsel and strong advocacy helps you recover unpaid invoices, lost business, missing goods, or other injuries that you have suffered as a result of a breached contract. Although a final decision on the merits is always a possibility, we keep our eyes open for the opportunities to save legal costs and time in pursuing contract litigation.

A dynamic view of contract litigation saves you money and time.

Commercial and Corporate Disputes

When the partnership doesn't float

Business breakdowns are often the most difficult area of law in which to represent oneself. The law boils the dispute down to dollars and cents, rights and obligations, and who did wrong; reality adds in emotion, history, opportunities, and shades of grey.

Good counsel drives an ex-partnership to a determination and dissolution; great counsel looks towards adding value where only losses exist. Whether that addition comes from a sober second thought, collaborative option building, or demystifying assumptions and history, you want help transforming a business relationship back to personal results.

Let counsel help you navigate the waters of a sunken partnership