Contemporary Solutions

To Achieve Your Goals

Comprehensive Use of Tools

Achieve Legal is all about problem solving. You have a problem and a goal for resolution. I have the tools to help you get there.

You are in control of your litigation matter. I provide counsel as to your options, likelihood of success, and potential costs including money, time, stress, and relations. Once your goal is set, I advocate for your goals.

As a lawyer, I am experienced in, and allowed to use, a wide range of problem solving options. No carpenter relies solely on a hammer; I don't rely solely on any one tool. Everything we do is meant to create the ladder to help you reach those goals.

You are most likely to achieve your goals when we use the most appropriate tools for your specific circumstances.

Litigation and Arbitration: Onward to a Decision

A judge's ruling at the end of trial was once the optimal way to resolve conflict. Today, cost, time, uncertainties, and nuance make trial verdicts less appropriate for many and may be out of reach for most. But, regardless of whether trial is ideal or not, our litigation system aids us in problem solving by narrowing our focus onto specific issues which are most likely to impact a final decision. Consider the Litigation Pyramid to see this in action.

A problem is never so simple that it can immediately be distilled to a final, "you're right, and you're wrong" outcome. Whether approached through litigation or arbitration, most professionals agree on the same debate structure: a defined set of rules, a resolution to be debated, research and review of supporting evidence, a structured argument before a decision maker, and a defined decision that the parties agree to live with.

I am licensed to follow that structure with any arbitration or Court in Alberta, Nunavut, or Federally, with the ability to expand into other jurisdictions under certain rules. I can take you from a conflict to a final adjudication and use the steps leading us there to achieve your goals.

A final decision, and the opportunity to move on, is always an option when setting your goals.

Security, Mediation, & Negotiation: More Outcomes

Often, hearing "you're right and you're wrong" is not the best, or even desirable, option. You may want to get paid without the time and cost of a trial. You may want to hear your counterpart acknowledge your position. You may need to push someone away, be made whole, or just reach an agreement with someone else. Your goals today may not be the same as they are tomorrow, in a year, or in a decade.

Any good lawyer can tell you the importance of expanding the range of possible outcomes; I make doing so a cornerstone of my practice.

I embrace mediation and negotiation as one of the most important advocacy steps that I can take on behalf of my clients. I look for ways to expand upon their goals, finding ways to secure resolution, develop mutually-agreeable settlements, and create opportunities for dialogue. The best solutions are the ones that everyone agrees upon as being best.

Rather than wait for a future decision, I help you take your future into your own hands by embracing modern problem-solving tools to create better outcomes.

Photograph by dvanderspoel