Modern Practice

A Different Type of Law Firm

Mobile and Technology-Aided Communication

You've worked hard and are proud. You've built a business, gotten your head off the pillow every morning, disrupted industries, pivoted into tomorrow, and made a good, honest living for your family and community.

I appreciate what you've built.

Sometimes, when a problem arises, it's hard for you to come to me. But what if I came to you?

I welcome the chance to come and meet you on your terms, see what you've built, and understand your needs at your own place. I offer inexpensive travel rates and keep flexible hours to meet with you.

Your file will include a client portal tied directly to my practice management suite so that you can see what I have, what I'm working on, and what the next steps and deadlines are.

If we need to speak urgently or if travel is cost-prohibitive, inconvenient, or undesirable, I use our client portals, accessible calendar appointment interface, video technology, direct-messaging, and good old fashioned telephone calls to serve you when you need it.

Mobile practice and modern technologies mean that we communicate on your terms.

Comprehensive Payment and Retainer Options

"To advice and work on the above-captioned matter" is no longer an appropriate line on any invoice, either yours or your lawyer's. Lawyers' fees should be transparent and flexible.

I agree.

I am willing to discuss a wide range of retainer options, from standard hourly rates to fixed fee, bundled or unbundled, and different fee structures for certain types of work. I accept major credit cards (subject to payment of merchant fees), electronic funds transfer, and traditional bank drafts and cheques.

I provide explanatory accounts, showing you where my time was spent and what tasks were performed. Each account includes a clear letter showing where we are, what we've done, and what we're working to next.

Flexible options for retainers and payments may be available for your matter.

Not-For-Profit and Legal Assistance

Hiring a lawyer to help fix your problems can be the equivalent of driving a race car to a downtown office: expensive, noisy, and likely to result in a wreck on the way. This is especially true for our local non-profits or for those going through severely difficult times.

I have the flexibility to be different.

Not for Profits and those requiring some basic legal information should reach out to me. I am happy to work with you to develop payment plans or limited scope retainers that are tailored to your specific needs. We are not stronger for those that we leave behind.

Not for Profit rates and limited legal information may be available to help you.

Photograph by dvanderspoel