Builders' Liens and Construction Law

Respect for those who own and those who build

Builders' and Mechanics' Liens

Security for Payment

A supplier of goods, services, or other work meant to enhance property is entitled to claim for the value by which the property was enhanced, subject to a number of rules and calculations. Builders' Liens protect the property owner from unfair claims and the contractors and subcontractors from defaults up the chain.

Tight deadlines, filing requirements, and holdback calculations are all common pitfalls of builders' liens. The goal is to protect the security given to the contractors and discourage abuse of the system.

Knowledge and experience in liens protects your property interests when construction disputes arise.

Deficiencies and Contractual Performance

Do it right and on time

A construction project is a web of obligations, depending on one another. What happens when one goes wrong, when something's delayed, when a payment isn't quite right?

I am proud to have grown up around and now serve those in construction, whether hiring others to build or doing the work itself. I enjoy applying my existing knowledge across various industries and learning new ones, regardless of the stage of the construction project. Most importantly, I bring the experienced-based analysis necessary to resolve construction issues.

A lawyer with first hand experience in construction needs little introduction to the problems that you face.